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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


As you could have noted, I tend to blog about fashion in general without making it too personalize but when it comes to watches and shoes, I simply had to show part of my collection .

If you ask me, a girl should have one golden/silver watch (depending) of her preferences that is "Rolex style" as it goes with practically everything. If you can afford only one piece, I suggest you chose this style because its probably the best investment . I suggest you take a look at Michael Kors, Guess , Folli Follie or D&G watches as for 200-300 EUR you can get lasting one which will glam up your look even if you are person who wears almost no jewelery as me.

Furthermore, next choice should be small elegant watch with leather or metal bracelet (again depends of personal taste) which you can wear with elegant outfits and business meetings . It should be simple in calm colors as you don't want it to draw too much attention and that it can blend in instead of regular bracelet. There are many wonderful on the market, this time I've chosen to show my Folli Follie.

If you are a lucky Fashionista there's nothing better than Rolex & Chopard watches as they are classy, glamorous, fashionable and will definitely make a statement.

I present you some of my personal items as well as those that are on my wishlist! :)




Folli Follie

Folli Follie





  1. The first one is definitely my favorite!!

  2. Me encanta D&G!!! es muy delicado!
    Que tengas un bonito día!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  3. i need a new one... my has died and has no hope!

  4. I love watches! I can't leave the house without one. I really like pink ones but I limit myself to buying too many because they don't go with every outfit.

  5. Beautiful watches! I love the first three! <3<3